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  • Fr. | 31. 03. 2023
  • 00.05 Uhr
  • Konzertsaal der Bundesakademie Trossingen, Kulturfabrik Kesselhaus, Kleine Aula der HfM

WINDHOEK | International Wind Festival 31.03.–02.04.2023

Magnus Lindberg
Sven-Ingo Koch

HMDK Stuttgart mit den Kompositionsklassen Prof. Marco Stroppa und Prof. Martin Schüttler und dem STUDIO NEUE MUSIK, außerdem Prof. Nicolas Hodges (Klavier)

Prof. i.V. Julie Stewart (Flöte), Prof. Nicholas Daniel (Oboe), Prof. Chen Halevi (Klarinette), Prof. Fredrik Ekdahl (Fagott), Prof. Matthias Anton (Saxofon), Prof. Saar Berger (Horn), Fanny Mas (Yoga für Holzbläser)

zum Festivalprogramm

Trossingen… It seems, perhaps, an unlikely place to find some of the most eminent and highly respected composers in the world gathering together to hear and guide performances of their music-including several World Premieres, but when you know that Trossingen has a internationally famous and highly respected Woodwind and Horn faculty with strong links to composers who have written for them it’s not that strange.

Our Professors; as well as playing and conducting in this event, have drawn from their own contacts to bring these great composers to Trossingen for some clean Black Forest air and for some of the best Black Forest Wind playing. The class of each of our Professors will be taking part alongside four composition students from the Stuttgart Musikhochschule class of Marco Stroppa and Martin Schüttler. Magnus Lindberg and Sven-Ingo Koch are the other composers who will be in residence alongside our own team of Julie Stewart (Flute), Nicholas Daniel (Oboe), Chen Halevi (Clarinet), Fredrik Ekdahl (Bassoon), Matthias Anton (Saxophone) and Saar Berger (Horn).

Away from the cities, in the calm cool air of one of the most beautiful areas of Germany, with time and space, with music and musicians of the highest quality this event-the first of many, we hope, will be something very special