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WINDHOEK 2024 | International Wind Festival with concerts and masterclasses

24 – 28 March 2024 @ Trossingen

The WINDHOEK Festival is the centre for creative, new woodwind music and a meeting point to collect inspiration, motivation, musical and instrumental guidance and performance practise in solo and orchestral literature! 
New in 2024: Masterclasses for students, andvanced younger players and woodwind teachers. The internationally renowned Trossingen woodwind professors teach a broad repertoire from the classical and romantic periods to the present day.

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The WINDHOEK Festival is...

  • Masterclasses for general repertoire (March 24–26) with the Trossingen Woodwind-Faculty for students including younger players (active/passive participation)
  • Young Composers Workshops with Pēteris Vasks and Tonia Ko
  • Public Concerts
  • Reedmaking-Workshops
  • Exhibition with instrumentmakers providing expert advice
  • last but not least: fantastic opportunities to intensively study and perform truely contemporary music!

Composers in Residence 2024

  • Pēteris Vasks (Latvia)
  • Marcelo Nisinman  (Argentinia/Switzerland)
  • Tonia Ko  (Hong Kong/Hawaii/UK)
  • Prof. Marco Stroppa and young composers (HMDK Stuttgart/Germany)

Faculty 2024

  • Prof. Julie Stewart (Flute)
  • Prof. Nicholas Daniel (Oboe)
  • Prof. Chen Halevi (Clarinet)
  • Prof. Fredrik Ekdahl (Bassoon)
  • Prof. Saar Berger (Horn) | no masterclass
  • Prof. Matthias Anton (Saxophone)
  • Teddy Ezra (Introduction to Early Clarinet)
  • Christian Voss (Instrument Maintenance Oboe)
  • Jiping Tan (Instrument Maintenance Bassoon)

Cooperation with HMDK Stuttgart

  • composition class of Prof. Marco Stroppa
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Sunday, March 24

  • all day | Exhibitions 
  • 13.00 h | Meet and greet
  • 14.00–17.00 h | Masterclasses Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Saxophone

Monday, March 25

  • all day | Exhibitions
  • 9.00–12.00 h | Masterclasses Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Saxophone
  • 12.00 h |  Lunch
  • 13.30–15.30 h |  Masterclasses Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Saxophone
  • 16.00–18.00 h |  instrument repair workshops with Christian Voss (oboe)

Tuesday, March 26

  • all day | Exhibitions
  • 9.00–12.00 h | Masterclasses Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon and Saxophone
    Instrument repair workshop with Jiping Tan (bassoon)
    Introduction to early period clarinet playing with Teddy Ezra
  • 19.00 h | Opening concert with music by Peteris Vasks and Tonia Ko
  • Reception after the concert

Wednesday, March 27

  • all day | Composition workshops with Peteris Vasks and Tonia Ko
  • 13.00 h | Concert with music by the composition class of the HMDK Stuttgart, Philip Glass and Peteris Vasks
  • 19.00 h | Concert with music by Peteris Vasks and Tonia Ko

Thursday, March 28

  • 18.00 h | Closing concert. Music by tango master and composer Marcelo Nisinman, W.A. Mozart and others
  • Reception after the concert
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Ensemblephoto Windhoek-Festival
WINDHOEK-Festival-Ensemble 2023 (Foto: Chen Halevi)

You want to be part of the WINDHOEK-Masterclasses 24–26 March 2024? (active and passive participation)


  • Masterclass (March 24–26) with at least 2 individual lessons
  • Advice and information about studies (Bachelor, Master, music education) and professional possibilities and prospects
  • Participation (passive) in all other festival events and attendance of all festival concerts


  • students
  • advanced younger players
  • Woodwind instrument teachers

APPLICATION (until March 10, 2024)

  • register here  (bottom of this page)
  • Questions & Support: Prof. Fredrik Ekdahl | E-Mail

REGISTRATION FEES (without housing)

  • Active participation (3 days) 150 €
  • Passive participation (3 days) 60 €
  • Passive participation (1 day) 30 €

Accommodation: a number of rooms is reserved for the participants and guests of the Symposium in the Hotel Schoch in walking distabnce to the Hochschule.

BANK TRANSFER  (bank transfer by invitation until March 10, 2024 | bank details t.b.a.)

If you have got any further questions, do not hesitate to e-mail veranstaltungen(at)mh-trossingen.de


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