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Your Direct Way to Trossingen

Trossingen sits in southwestern Germany between the Black Forest and  the Swabian Alb, about an hour by car from Lake Constance, Stuttgart, Freiburg, or Zurich (by train it is between 2 and 3 hours away from each of these places).

If you are arriving by train: You have to take the train to "Trossingen Stadt." Don't forget that you have to change at the "Trossingen Bahnhof" stop as well!

(The local train line forms a open ring and is called the "Ringzug." Trossingen sits just inside this ring and Trossingen Bahnhof is the nearest point to Trossingen on this circle, although it is in fact in the nearby town of Deißlingen. A separate train takes you from Trossingen Bahnhof to Trossingen Stadt. The Trossingen Stadt station is about a 5 minute walk from the University).

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