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Study in Trossingen

The Trossingen University of Music offers a traditional range of subjects like any other music conservatoire. A special focus is placed on the study of Early Music and Music and Movement. Through the State Center MUSIK-DESIGN-PERFORMANCE and the Music Design programme, there has also been a focus on sound design and digital mediums for several years. 

Trossingen University of Music Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

Teachers and students at the university share a mutual respect and enthusiasm for music and related disciplines. As an internationally renowned training and research centre, the Trossingen University of Music cultivates a broad spectrum of artistic forms of expression, aesthetic positions, artistic-pedagogical concepts and academic orientations. The unifying element of all these areas is the mutual understanding of the highest quality. Highly trained students produce outstanding, responsible musicians, teachers and experts in the arts, culture, education, media, science, creative industries and society.

We offer an attractive programme of study through regular teaching in individual lessons, seminars and groups as well as in artistic and academic projects. In a learning atmosphere of mutual trust and respectful tolerance, we provide a well-founded, up-to-date and challenging education.

Artistic and academic excellence are just as important to us as artistic and pedagogical penetration, interdisciplinarity and cultural and intellectual openness.

We utilise the advantages of innovative teaching and learning formats in a didactically meaningful and effective way for a comprehensive, also experimentally oriented course of study. All committees work together as colleagues to continuously and sustainably develop and improve teaching at the Trossingen University of Music. For us, the focus is on strengthening motivation, focusing on the study objective and the individual promotion of self-reflection, self-confidence and gaining knowledge for students.

The uniqueness and diversity of the members of our university form the basis of an inspiring exchange. This contributes to making the power of music meaningful and effective in society. We promote our students' willingness to learn and perform as well as their enjoyment of music. To this end, we want them to develop the courage to explore new artistic paths, ask questions, take advantage of support services when needed and treat themselves with self-criticism and care.

We are part of a region characterised by culture and capable of growth in an increasingly globalised world. For us, internationalisation is a central component and decisive success factor in our overall orientation, development planning and future viability. People from more than 50 countries make music, learn, research and work at the Trossingen University of Music. Networks with partner universities open up new perspectives for students in innovative cooperative approaches - including digitalised forms of teaching and learning. Students are offered an environment that both familiarises them with the structures and conditions of the international world of music and culture and prepares them for the needs of an increasingly globalised working world.