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Prof Rolf Lislevand

Historische Lauten- und Gitarreninstrumente


Telefon 0179/1272861

Historische Lauten- und Gitarreninstrumente

Vita (english)

The Norwegian lutenist Rolf Lislevand studied in Oslo and later at the Schola Cantorum in Basel with Hopkinson Smith and Eugène Dombois. He has travelled across the USA and Europe as a soloist and accompanist, has a major contract with the French label Astrée for whom he has already complete an award-winning CD of the music of Kapsberger, the complete works for lute by Vivaldi and baroque guitar works by Sanz and Santa Cruz, and an international reputation as a teacher at summer schools. He was guest at the International Guitar Symposium in London and at the Barcelona Festival.